Wantage Gymnastics Centre

Wantage Gymnastics Centre was formed in 1976 by Margaret Clement who was a PE teacher, gymnastics coach and judge. Over the years many competitive and elite groups of gymnasts have trained and competed here.

We offer a wide range of classes for boys and girls from pre-school children to teenagers. If you are interested in getting your son or daughter involved in gymnastics please click here to see all of our available classes.

Or get in touch with us here and we can discuss what might be best for your child.


“I love being in the squad, I like doing routines and bars are my favourite. I like the coaches because they teach us new things so we keep getting better. I love my squad friends and I can’t wait to train more” - Una  (Aged 7)

“Our daughter really enjoys being a squad gymnast at Wantage. The facilities are brilliant and the open play mornings mean our son can also be involved. The coaching is outstanding and very disciplined. This really shows when the gymnasts learn new skills and also through the execution of acquired skills and routines. Very happy all round!” - Tessa

“I love being in the development squad with my best buddies! We all enjoy training together learning new routines, working hard towards our competition” - Isla (Aged 6)

"Our daughter joined Wantage as a recreational gymnast in 2016; since then she has progressed to the development squad and enjoys every second! If she could train all day long she would! Great new facilities since the move, we are so pleased with how well she is doing & are looking forward to seeing her compete” - Tasha

"Grace has been part of the club for 3 years. Starting at the Leisure Centre and now at the amazing new facilities. Her coaches have taken her in this time to national level and beyond.  We can not speak more highly of the club and it’s coaches.” - Janine

"My daughter, now age 7, joined WGC when she was in Reception. She was a very shy child who was reluctant to join in. All the coaches were really supportive and patient and got to know how to get the best out of her. Thanks to Wantage, she is now a very keen and happy little gymnast who doesn’t think twice about joining in and can’t wait for her next gymnastics session. Gymnastics at Wantage has given her a lot of self-belief. I definitely recommend this club!" - Sarah

"We are so glad that we discovered WGC! Both my daughters love attending their gymnastics classes (currently pre-school and year 1) and adore the coaches. The classes are really enjoyable but also instil the discipline and technique needed to safely achieve the skills being taught.” - Sue